The following testimonials are from previous code school students of Founder & CEO Chris Tsongas:

Chris is an educator and mentor par excellence, demonstrating the skill and discernment that comes only with years of experience. During my time as a student, I learned skills and paradigms with real-world value, which have continued to pay dividends long-after our professional relationship ended. Anyone would benefit from Chris’ mentorship, from student to engineer to founder.
— Blake Sager
The instructor is awesome!!
— Erik Gomez
I highly recommend Chris as an instructor and advisor for professional development.
— Scott O'Toole
Chris was a great mentor to me while I was building my skills in front and back end development. He is extremely knowledgeable with great communication skills and patience. With the amount of experience he has in the industry, he has been paramount in helping me become a more well rounded and adept developer.
— Brian Pham
I finish each class and assignment with more understanding, more questions, and more ideas. I’m always feeling challenged in the class and that’s a good thing in my book.
— William Sullivan
I had a lot of fun in the class and had a lot of self discovery moments.
— Christopher Cohen
Overall, it was a great experience and I was able to take away some very valuable skills.
— Alex Mason


Congratulations on your acceptance to the Founders Code School MVP Bootcamp! It will be an amazing journey...here's what previous code school students of Founder & CEO Chris Tsongas have said about his teaching:

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— Pablo
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— Jonathan L.


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